Sunday, February 13, 2011

Portraits of Egypt's Martyred Activists

 They Died To See Egpyt Soar:
A Cairo Artist's Portraits of the Revolution's Martyred Activists 

The Cairo artist known as Ganzeer contributed to the uprising by designing anti- Mubarak signs, stickers and stencils. In the aftermath he has turned to creating portraits of the fallen. These portraits strike a distinctly Egyptian tone in a powerful medium that shares a linage with the political portraits of Shepard Fairey and has roots in street art. About the portraits Gazneer says, "Dirty politics and power struggles aside, there are innocent people who died over the course of Egypt's current revolution. These people died because they could see something most of us could not see. They died because they could see Egypt soaring high in a place of dignity and respect. They could see Egypt become something none of us thought possible. They died for me, they died for you, for our grandparents and for our children. True heroes, ready to fight a corrupt regime with all its soldiers, guns, and ammo with nothing more than their voices and willpower."

"These heroes are the Golden Eagles of the Egyptian Revolution."

Amhed Basiouny, Ganzeer
Christine, Ganzeer
Islam Bakir, Ganzeer

To see more work by this artist link to: Blog Ganzeer

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