Friday, June 18, 2010

The Great Raphael Shows Up Unexpectedly

Today I began working on panel two of my Triptych for Thornbush Hall. On an Ampersand panel I made preliminary marks with graphite pencil then painted over them with a ground of iron oxide yellow blended with zinc white and walnut oil. I cover the board and then blend and blend with a fan brush and feathery brush strokes until it takes on a warm golden glow with a texture like doe skin.

 Yellow Ground - Triptych for Thornbush Hall

Even while I am in the process of downloading the sixth and final episode of the BBC's Desparate Romantics television series about the Pre-Raphaelites, I find evidence that although they made their mark the Pre-Raphaelites never could supplant the great Raphael. Here today, in the year 2010 on the packaging of my Ampersand panel are the words, Raphael painted his masterpiece La Fornarina on panel in 1519. And yes, according to Ampersand's packaging, it seems La Fornarina herself, Raphael's own mistress, extols the virtues of painting on panels.

Ampersand packaging with Raphael's La Fornarina