Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeing Red

Red Iron Oxide, Red Ocher, is one of the earliest pigments used in human artmaking. It has been used by every culture on Earth. It is called Indian Red and Venetian Red. It is the color of the earth and the color of blood. I've been applying warm red glazes to my painting today with Red Iron Oxide.

Hands - Pinturas River Canyon Southern Patagonia, 7300 BCE

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum features a wealth of programs for the public. They have a program, Painting With the Landscape: Making Paint with the Earth Beneath Our Feet, that will be given later this month. On the first day they will show participants how to gather minerals from the landscape near Abiquiu, New Mexico. On day two of the workshop they will show participants how to process the minerals into pigments that can be mixed with binders to make paint.


photo: Robert Reck
Link: Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

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