Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artist Interruptus - The History of Women Artists

The summer of 1994 I picked up a University catalog and saw a class I knew I wanted to take, a class that did not exist when I started my bachelor's degree in Fine Art in 1970, The History of Women Artists I & II. I did go back to school and I did take those classes. Besides entertaining stories about renaissance fathers dressing their daughters up like boys in order to sneak them into the males only academies, the particular challenges that women face making careers in art were revealed.

Artist Thinley DiMarco in her New Studio

Women artists deal with interruptions that most men cannot even imagine. My friend Thrinley DiMarco is a sterling example. Raising six children by herself, caring for her elderly mother and managing a Buddhist retreat center are a few of the reasons her art making has had some starts and stops. Now, she has just completed building her new studio and is ready to work again! I will return to Thrinley after she has had a chance to create some new work. Meanwhile... Congratulations!

Thrinley's Studio

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