Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy New Year of the Female Iron Rabbit

Happy Iron Female Rabbit Year

Today is the Tibetan New Year, called Losar. The year of the Tiger comes to an end as we welcome in the year of the Rabbit. Bhutanese painter Phurba Namgay's painting, Happy Iron Female Rabbit Year, is painted in the traditional Thanka (Buddhist sacred art) style. It is currently up for auction with the book, Married to Bhutan: How One Woman Got Lost, Said 'I Do' and Found Bliss, by Namgay's wife Linda Leaming at Writers for the Red Cross, a month-long fundraiser for the Red Cross.

Trained in the the tradition of Thanka painting Phurba Namgay's keen attention to detail is evident in his explorations of contemporary styles including superrealism. To explore his work further (and see how he makes his own cat hair brushes) please visit his blog.

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  1. Hi, Thanks from both of us for posting Namgay's Happy Losar Rabbit, and for mentioning the Writers for the Red Cross auction. We are enjoying the new connection to blackfishart! Your blog is great. We just watched the Banksy movie.