Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Henry Street Pub - Helena Korpela

Someone asked yesterday, "What do you do on Saint Patrick's Day?" Without giving it a second thought I answered, "Drink and pinch." The pinching of course refers to what you get for not wearing green. At least that's the custom I grew up with here in the Northwestern corner of the United States. As for the drinking, I could fore go the American custom of drinking green beer! 

Surfing the Internet for a piece of contemporary Irish Art to feature for Saint Patrick's Day led me to the work of Finnish born artist Helena Korpela. I fell instantly in love with her work. Kopela studied in Boston and emigrated to Ireland in 1996. She says in her online bio, that much of her current work "is commentary on Ireland's vanishing heritage - natural and built." Celebrate Ireland today by enjoying her work. (Then go out and drink, and pinch.)

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